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Celebrating their 10 year anniversary

In honour of our CAMCard partners', Cambridge Bike Tours 10th anniversary, they will be starting their tour season on Tuesday 6 April being 10 years to the day since their first-ever tour.

The company have enjoyed many great tours and meeting amazing people from all over the world. They wanted to say a seriously big THANK YOU to all their guests for being such fun and making 10 years slip by so fast.

Gallons of sun cream, millions of miles cycled, maybe ten punctures (don't use the 'P' word), billions of calories burnt off and one or two ciders in the pub in Grantchester!

Don't forget, alumni are able to enjoy a 20% discount on City and Grantchester bike tours, so if you are in Cambridge this year, why not book a tour and remind yourself how beautiful Cambridge really is.

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