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Exercise your little grey cells with podcasts from across the University. Whether you're looking to liven up your commute or learn something new, there's lots to choose from.

Cambridge American History Seminar podcast series logo

Cambridge American History Seminar Podcast

A weekly term time podcast interviewing seminar presenters.

Hosted on: Soundcloud, iTunes

Find out more: www.hist.cam.ac.uk/seminars/american-history-seminar

CJBS logo

Cambridge Judge Business School Debate podcast

Talks from CJBS

Hosted on: Soundcloud

Find out more: insight.jbs.cam.ac.uk

Cambridge Law podcast logo

Cambridge Law

Public lectures from the Faculty of Law

Hosted on: iTunes

Find out more: www.law.cam.ac.uk

Camthropod logo


Camthropod is produced by a collective of staff and students from the Department of Social Anthropology and is broadcast regularly during term time.

Hosted on: Soundcloud, iTunes

Find out more: www.socanth.cam.ac.uk

Declarations logo

Declarations: the human rights podcast

Podcast series from the Centre for Governance and Human Rights, exploring contemporary debates about politics and human rights, broadcast weekly.

Hosted on: Soundcloud, iTunes

Find out more: www.cghr.polis.cam.ac.uk

Interventions logo

Interventions: The Intellectual History Podcast

Podcast series led by Cambridge graduate students

Hosted on: Soundcloud

Find out more: www.polthought.cam.ac.uk

The Naked Scientists logo

The Naked Scientists podcast

Science news stories, scientific breakthroughs and interviews with leading experts by The Naked Scientists, based at the University's Institute of Continuing Education.

Hosted on: iTunes

Find out more: www.thenakedscientists.com/podcasts

Talking Politics logo

Talking Politics

Podcast series by academics from the Department of Politics and International Relations

Hosted on: acast

Find out more: www.talkingpoliticspodcast.com

University of Cambridge Soundcloud playlists screen grab

More from the University

Talks from across the University and its public events such as the Festival of Ideas, Science Festival and Cambridge Series at the Hay Festival.

Hosted on: Soundcloud, iTunes

Find out more: cam.ac.uk/video-and-audio