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How do I access Emerald Insight?

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What is Emerald Insight?

Emerald is a global publisher providing high quality, peer-reviewed research. With nearly 50 years' experience, Emerald manages a portfolio of over 300 journals, more than 2,500 books and over 1,500 teaching cases. 

What can I access?

Free access to the following journals, which includes over 2600 articles is provided free of charge all matriculated University of Cambridge alumni and former postdocs. 

  • International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies
    ISSN: 2046-8253
    Access start year: 2012
    First accessible volume: 1
    First accessible issue: 1
  • Journal of Children’s Services
    ISSN: 1746-6660
    Access start year: 2006
    First accessible volume: 1
    First accessible issue: 1
  • Journal of Knowledge Management
    ISSN: 1367-3270
    Access start year: 1997
    First accessible volume: 1
    First accessible issue: 1
  • Sensor Review
    ISSN: 0260-2288
    Access start year: 1994
    First accessible volume: 14
    First accessible issue: 1
  • Social Responsibility Journal
    ISSN: 1747-1117
    Access start year: 2006
    First accessible volume: 3
    First accessible issue: 2

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