Unshook Till The End of Time

Unshook Till The End of Time

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Author: Robert Alston and Stuart Laing (Corpus Christi 1967)

Publisher: Gilgamesh Publishing

The 1800 agreement between Oman and Britain declared that the bond between the two nations should be "unshook till the end of time" - an ambitious goal but whatever the political ups and downs, a remarkable relationship endures to this day.  Oman's location at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, pincering oil flows with Iran, is of huge strategic importance and makes it the focus on increasing political interest.

Co-authored by two former Ambassadors to Oman, their research draws on previously unpublished Foreign Office archive materials. A landmark book that will be vital to historians of Oman and analysts of the geopolitics of the Persian Gulf.

Publication date: 
Thursday 15 November 2012

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