Travels of a Tourist

Travels of a Tourist

Travels of a Tourist

Author: Paddy Rooney (Trinity 1950)

Publisher: Xlibris

This is a collection of anecdotes and reminiscences of the author’s travels over many years and in many countries—from Uzbekistan to Peru, Yemen to India, Spain to China. It is in no sense intended as a guidebook, though it may give something of the character of the people encountered and the places visited. As the author explains in the foreword it is intended as entertainment rather than education in order to share with others his delight in foreign places.

The author was born in India in the later days of the British Raj. Travelling, at that time, was part of the way of life: the annual visit to the Hills to avoid the hot weather on the Plains, the home leaves every few years, and the return to Britain to school when one was old enough - six, in his case. As he remarks, it was inevitable that travelling became engrained in the psyche and the habit carried on into later life.

These light-hearted reminiscences record some of his experiences in many countries around the world. It is organised around several broad themes, and is in short sections suitable, perhaps, for holiday or in-flight reading. As the author notes, it is not intended as a guidebook, but rather as entertainment in the hope that others may share his enjoyment.

Publication date: 
Monday, 18 July 2016

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