The Watcher, the Mechanic and the Doctor's Wife

The Watcher, the Mechanic and the Doctor's Wife

A person in a white doctor's jacket and stethoscope around their neck holds a gun.

Author: Michael Duggan (Clare 1981)

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd

In a perilous era, only the most skilled are summoned to safeguard our way of life. Amidst the allure of sex and drugs, the deceit of crooks, and the intricate dance between the police and doctors, this tale offers a deep dive into the world of clinical medicine. It spotlights a unique cadre of practitioners determined to make a difference, even as they navigate the challenges of an underfunded NHS, a government stretched thin, and a public often left in the dark. Medicine is not just a profession; it's a calling. It demands relentless dedication, continuous learning, and the rare euphoria that comes from saving a life. This story captures the essence of this dedication, juxtaposing the highs of medical triumphs against the relentless onslaught of disease.

Publication date: 
Friday 2 February 2024

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