The War Artist

The War Artist

Book cover shows a blond woman in a red blouse holding a canvas in front of an easel. Beyond is the sky above St Paul's.

Author: Jan Casey (Hughes Hall 1996)

Publisher: Aria Fiction/ Head of Zeus

When young painter, Sybil Paige, wins a coveted assignment from the War Artists' Advisory Committee, she is determined to tell the stories of women fighting their own battles on the home front. Armed with her sketchbook, she begins her journey across the country sketching everything from airfields and assembly lines to farms and factories. With each new commission, Sybil grows in confidence. But, like the many people she meets and sketches, she fears the future: will it bring hope or heartbreak?


Publication date: 
Thursday 9 May 2024
Paperback: 9781803283876 e-book: 9781803283852

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