The Walrus's Handbook

The Walrus's Handbook

The Walrus's Handbook

Author: Hazel Skelsey Guest (Newnham 1946)

Publisher: Archive Publishing

How to understand ourselves and our interactions with others, including a new take on an old theory (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs) and research not previously published in book form (Marshall's Scale of Responses). Written in an easy-to-read style in order to be accessible to the intelligent layperson, but also of value to professionals.

Part 1 discusses Maslow's later version of his Hierarchy of Needs which is frequently overlooked in favour of his 1943 version. He placed Intrinsic Values above Self-Actualisation, which overcomes the confusion between Transcenders and Self-Actualisers and also separates ethical considerations from self-advancement. The author has added a further level at the bottom, namely Survival. The first chapter places the system within the evolution of species, echoing Maslow's own contention that the Needs are all biologically based.

Part 2 describes a theory concerning human responses to situations, which was formulated by the psychiatrist Dr Ian Marshall in whose research the author participated.  It consists of a Scale in relation to which several patterns can be perceived, knowledge of which is intended to enable people to interact more harmoniously and successfully.  It can also be useful in a psychotherapeutic setting.

Parts 1 and 2 together show that all aspects of the human being --- physical, emotional, thinking and spiritual aspects --- are interlinked and should not be treated as separate issues.

Publication date: 
Monday 12 December 2016

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