The Salt Is The Schedule

The Salt Is The Schedule

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Author: Alea D. Reeves (Hughes Hall 2018)

Publisher: Balboa Press

Did you know that salt was used as a currency to pay Roman soldiers, the Don Juan Pond is so salty that it does not freeze, and the word 'salt' is derived from “salarium” meaning salary? Where would the world be without salt? Too little salt or too much will cause imbalance. Salt is all around and used in many different ways. Salt plays a crucial role in many things such as the body, food, and on roads. Just as salt is crucial and necessary so is a schedule. Schedules are crucial components in many things which impacts workflow, supply chain, and time management across industries and day-to-day life. Much like salt, scheduling is an ingredient in life and business. It usually is present in some way or capacity in our lives. Anything from what time one gets up in the morning, to when the bakery opens, or when the bus to the train station arrives. The time a plane flies. The time when a shipment is sent. When you order supplies. The time a nurse does rounds. It is all scheduling, and much like salt, a schedule is essential.

Without schedules, chaos would reign. How would you know where to be and when? Or set deadlines to complete assignments? What time would your business operate? When the next rocket can take off? Too little focus on scheduling could stretch a business resulting in profit loss. Too much scheduling can cost as well. No scheduling could leave a trail of inefficient activity, which strains the inability to be productive to an extent.

This book is a sample guide of my thoughts and opinion on scheduling after doing so for over a decade. More importantly and earnestly, it is meant to give a small snapshot of schedule patterns if staff or project management scheduling is something that comes up in your business or life.

The year 2020 was one that will go down in history for many reasons. There was a lot of shifting of everything whether it be at home, business, school, and or social activities. The shift has meant that a home that use to run between morning and evening hours has now become an all-day house requiring different things at different points of the day. Balancing all of this is a scheduling challenge for people in general. Businesses faced the challenge of moving work to homes and then examining what the new office of tomorrow will look like. Schools shut down and getting the students back into school posed challenges for schools across the board.

Publication date: 
Thursday 15 September 2022

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