The Race: The Proven Work-Life Balance Method to Run Multiple Tracks

The Race: The Proven Work-Life Balance Method to Run Multiple Tracks

The Race cover

Author: Guillermo Ramírez Sneberger (Pembroke 2016)

Publisher: CBA Press

We all run a race that is not taught at schools and rarely within our families, where it is usually a trial-and-error process that may lead few people where they want to go while most struggle daily to figure it out, called life. How are you running yours? After reading this book you will discover that, You do not have to be N° 1 to be successful. Luck is irrelevant when mastering a tailored-made self. Achieving an integral balanced life is just the execution of a strategy. There are three major races we all run in life that impact most of our balance. There is a simple method for obtaining multiple predictable results on a regular basis. It is possible to do what you really like and stay happy by understanding your ideas, hopes, and dreams. Don't let others pick your races; success, as you define it, is just a couple of miles away. Learn how to boost the way you run your life today by applying simple strategies to your unique reality without being told what to do. The ultimate power you have are the choices you make, so you might as well build the right track to run your life the way it pleases you. Life is short, enjoy.

The author is a successful Serial Entrepreneur (Exit 2017), Venture Capitalist at Oxbridge Capital Partners, Cambridge MBA, Cambridge Judge Business School Engagement Ambassador, University Professor and proud father of two.

Publication date: 
Friday 5 February 2021

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