The Race Against Time: Adventures in Late-Life Running

The Race Against Time: Adventures in Late-Life Running

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Author: Richard Askwith (Trinity 1977)

Publisher: Yellow Jersey Press

Part memoir, part guide, part exploration of a little-known sporting culture, The Race Against Time is a reportage-based study of a remarkable modern phenomenon: runners who pursue their sport far into old age. Described by The Observer as "inspirational", it tells a story of cold science and heart-warming resilience; of champions and also-rans; of sprinting centenarians and forty-something super-athletes barely touched by age. Its heroes are experts and enthusiasts – scientists, coaches, runners – from many countries, each with a different story to tell. What unites them is a single belief: that you don’t have to take growing old lying down.

An award-winning author with over 40 years’ experience in journalism and a large following among running enthusiasts, Richard Askwith describes the book as "a journey from despair to hope" and "a book for anyone who has felt the healing power of running".

Publication date: 
Thursday 12 January 2023

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