The Message

The Message

The Message

Author: Yan Vana

Publisher: Falcondale Press

In the tradition of fiction written with a purpose The Message is an environmental wake up call for everyone on this fragile planet.

It follows an official inquiry into the wanton destruction of a protected nature reserve. The first witnesses give evidence of the extent of the damage. Later witnesses identify those responsible.

As the plot unfolds it becomes apparent that the nature reserve is Earth and the Inquiry is being undertaken by Regulators from other planets who have responsibility for the protection of nature reserves throughout the Cosmos.

It is a book that has to be read to be truly appreciated. It combines science fiction and fantasy with a touching love story. What makes it unique is that it is written not from man’s point of view but from that of the other occupants of our planet.

Science Fiction?  A love story?  A study of human civilization? A warning message? It’s up to you.

Publication date: 
Thursday, 17 March 2016

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