The Lies Behind Cambridge Minds

The Lies Behind Cambridge Minds

Front cover showing the chapel of King's College Cambridge from the backs at dusk

Author: James Hayes (Homerton 2017)

Publisher: The Conrad Press

Drugs, sex, and violence. Not the typical lifestyle of a Cambridge University student, but then again, Harry isn’t a typical student. As a hyper-intelligent finalist, Harry thrives in an academic environment and bottles away his wild lifestyle for the good of his degree. But what happens when the pressures of Cambridge get too much for Harry, and he succumbs to temptations? Harry starts falling down a slippery slope into a life of debauchery, from which he can’t escape. He lusts over a fresher, Elizabeth, who already has a boyfriend. Harry is determined to win her. But at what cost?

Publication date: 
Thursday 16 December 2021

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