The Ha-Ha

The Ha-Ha

Book cover shows a cartoon scene of a person in a wheelchair in hot pursuit of a boar clutching papers in its mouth.

Author: Tom Shakespeare (Pembroke 1984)

Publisher: Farrago

Fred Twistleton is about to turn forty. Gathering with his friends to celebrate at a rented stately home, he finally hopes to get together with his college crush, the woman of his dreams, Heather. But Fred is also keen to publish his memoirs, and Heather realises the revelations they contain could threaten her career as a high-flying foreign correspondent.

When the treasured manuscript goes missing under mysterious circumstances, Fred's at a loss. Could someone have stolen it? Where has the resident pig gone? And will all the group remain friends by the end of the weekend? With burst pipes, sunken kayaks, and suspicious puddings, thank goodness Fred is only going to have one fortieth birthday.

Publication date: 
Thursday 28 March 2024

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