The First Question

The First Question

A book cover in grey with a raised causeway drawn in white.

Author: Alex Fallows (Christ's 1974)

Publisher: Amazon

What happened to Annie Wilson? Katy Harrington does not know, but she suspects that her husband does.

Dr Katy Harrington is a university lecturer; intelligent and successful. But she is trapped in a suffocating marriage and rapidly losing control of her life. When a mysterious woman alerts her to the disappearance of a university student, Annie Wilson, eight years ago in Lyme Regis, Katy realises she is being warned about her husband. She desperately needs someone to talk to, but then her best friend does the one thing a best friend would never do.

Now, on her own, and fearing for her safety and that of her baby daughter, Katy must embark on a covert search for the truth about Annie Wilson’s fate. And the truth about the man she is married to. Before something happens to her too.

Publication date: 
Tuesday 16 April 2024

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