Telling Tales from Turkey

Telling Tales from Turkey

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Author: Tina Caba (Hughes Hall 1966) Ros Elliott-Ozlek and Celia Gasgil

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

For anyone with an interest in modern Turkey, this delightful collection of true stories is a must-read. Three British teachers record their varying experiences of living in the country, from daily life and local festivals to finding jobs and surviving earthquakes. These amusing and informative recollections provide insight into Turkish culture and also show how the authors have adapted to life in this fascinating world that all three have grown to love.

The three co-authors are British women who have lived in Turkey for many years. Arriving there at different times and for very different reasons more than twenty years ago. Tina came as a scientist to a teaching post at a private high school; Celia travelled out as a ‘bride to be', while Ros arrived to set up a choreology department for a state university Conservatoire. Their paths crossed many years later, and they became firm friends. All three fell in love with the people and fascinating culture of the country, and all three have married into it.

Publication date: 
Wednesday 13 March 2013

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