Reclaim the Rebel: 12 Rebellious Acts to Achieve Unconditional Love for Your Body

Reclaim the Rebel: 12 Rebellious Acts to Achieve Unconditional Love for Your Body

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Author: Lizzy Cangro (Newnham 2008)

If you’re like most women, you probably think another weight loss program or an extra mile on the treadmill will get you closer to the body you want. But all that work won’t get you anywhere if you can’t shut up your inner mean girl. She knocks you down with negative stories, distorted body image, and anxiety about food and fitness. When she’s in charge, you’re living in an abusive relationship with your body.

It’s time to reclaim unconditional love for yourself and silence that mean girl for good.

Expert nutritionist and wellness coach Lizzy Cangro shares the powerful Rebellious Acts that will transform the way you see yourself and your body. With this empowering guide of game-changing self-love tools and inspiring personal journeys of other women like you, it’s time to unleash your personal power and achieve a life of healthy, unconditional love for your body.

You’ll discover:

  • 12 Rebellious Acts (RAs) to find self-love through nutrition, movement, and mindset.
  • Why that diet, exercise program, or supplement is costing you more than you think.
  • How to use your love language to communicate compassion to yourself and your body.
  • A sustainable approach to food and exercise through intuitive nourishment and movement that makes you happy.
  • Exercises and journal pages to help you practice each RA daily and revolutionise your thinking.

It’s not easy to love yourself when your body’s a battleground – but inner peace is possible. Get Reclaim the Rebel and start loving yourself like the bold, rule-breaking rebel you are!

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Publication date: 
Tuesday 7 December 2021
978-1-7376315-0-7 (print) and 978-1-7376315-1-4 (eBook)

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