Out of the Third World

Out of the Third World

Out of the Third World

Author: Ashok Sharma (Trinity Hall 1969)

Publisher: Meadow Grove Publishing

Out of the Third World is a chronicle of the travails, tenacity, and grit against overwhelming odds and adversity faced by Ashok, a shy 18-year-old Indian student from East Africa, in gaining admission to a British Medical school during a tumultuous period in the British history triggered by an apocalyptic-sounding rhetorical speech, dubbed "The Rivers of Blood," delivered by Enoch Powell, a prominent British politician, on April 20, 1968, harshly denouncing the immigration of non-white people into Great Britain and demanding their repatriation.

At Woolwich College in London, the impressionable Ashok inadvertently befriends Norbert Eliumelu, a sly, immaculately dressed, smooth -talking Nigerian in his thirties, who is also completing his prerequisites for admission to medical school. Their profound friendship takes an ominous turn when Norbert suddenly abandons college at the end of first year and resurfaces at the finish of the second year to cajole, threaten, and bribe Ashok into a highly nefarious and risky quid pro quo plan that  would guarantee both of them admission into medical school- a very onerous task for a foreign student in Great Britain 50 years ago.

If you think you have seen and heard everything, then you may not have, until you have read this book!

Publication date: 
Thursday 4 April 2019

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