Our Parent Who Art in Heaven

Our Parent Who Art in Heaven

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Author: Garry Powell (Selwyn 1974)

Publisher: Flame Books

Welshman Huw Lloyd-Jones teaches Creative Writing at a charming college in the American South, and is in love with his beautiful wife, Miranda. But his idyllic life is about to change. His despotic Chair, Frida Shamburger, turns against him, and Miranda reveals that he can no longer count on her love. Huw must fight to save his job and marriage. Yet can a middle-aged white man survive in the woke jungle of academia? And with a sinister psychiatrist and a women's guru encouraging Miranda to be independent, can the couple's love prevail? In his debut novel, Powell explores the woke takeover of academia, and its consequences for free speech and our humanity - in the most hilarious way possible.

‘Pure comical genius. Spot-on (uproarious) observations about today’s imbecile cancel culture. You’ll be reading parts of this book to friends and strangers alike – if you can stop laughing long enough.’ – Gary Buslik, author of A Rotten Person Travels the Caribbean

‘When I started reading Our Parent Who Art in Heaven, I laughed so loud I scared myself – when I finished it, I realised I’d just read a brilliant book. If I taught English Lit, I’d put Powell’s satire on my syllabus with writers such as Evelyn Waugh, DH Lawrence, and John Fowles.’ – Kirsten Koza, author of Lost in Moscow

‘In Our Parent Who Art in Heaven, Powell has penned what may be the anti-woke campus novel of our times, a rollicking satire equal to the wittiest and most keenly observed of Tom Sharpe and Evelyn Waugh.’ – David Joiner, author of Kanazawa

Publication date: 
Sunday 15 May 2022

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