One Million Insects

One Million Insects

One Million Insects cover

Author: Isabel Thomas (Homerton 2018)

Publisher: Welbeck Publishing Group

Did you know that without insects, humankind could not survive? This illustrated, fact-filled title helps young readers explore the huge variety of insects, with a focus on what makes an insect an insect, the differences between taxonomic groups, and why the million species of insects identified so far are the most important group of animals on Earth.

Broken down into sections exploring each of the main groups of insect, each section takes a different, playfully visual approach to really capture the character of the insects in the order being explored. For example, on the dragonflies and damselflies spread, dragonflies are ferociously dive-bombing the very text itself, while damselflies sit serenely.

Includes practical advice for observing insects safely and ways to encourage insects into a garden no matter how small.

Publication date: 
Tuesday 29 June 2021

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