Needing Napoleon

Needing Napoleon

Front cover depicting a silhouette of Napoleon on a quarter of a watch face, in sepia

Author: Gareth Williams (Queens' 1984)

Publisher: The Conrad Press

Needing Napoleon is a remarkably original feat of imagination: an irresistible adventure that spirits the reader from present-day Paris to the battle of Waterloo and beyond. Can you change what has already happened? As a history teacher, Richard Davey knows the answer. At least, he thinks he does. On holiday in Paris, he stumbles across a curious antiques shop. The eccentric owner reveals a secret Richard dares not believe. Richard's conviction that Napoleon Bonaparte should have won the Battle of Waterloo could be put to the test. Accurate historical detail collides with the paradox of time travel as an ordinary twenty-first-century man is plunged into the death throes of the French empire.

To find out what happens next, look out for the sequel, Serving Shaka, due out in spring 2022.

Publication date: 
Thursday 18 November 2021

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