Diary of the Last Man

Diary of the Last Man

Front cover

Author: Phillip R Brown (St John's 1972)

Publisher: DB publishing, an Imprint of JMD Media

Diary of the Last Man is a fictional diary written by an anonymous 'patient' whom is undergoing compulsory experimental trials designed to discover a vaccine to combat a virus, known as the Omega Strain, which is quickly decimating the entire human race. Kept in solitary confinement and under close surveillance, he is permitted to make diary entries in the hope that they may shed light on the cerebral effects of the experimental 'medication' to which he is subjected. He suffers repeated hallucinatory and dreamlike states as he oscillates between despair and hope in what appears to be an endless contest between the two. Believing himself to be hiding ion the basement of his own home, loneliness and isolation take a heavy toll on his mental health, a cerebral decline made significantly worse by the experimental drugs administered by operatives who believe that science holds the key to preserving the last remaining vestiges of human civilization and that this end justifies the means adopted to achieve it. It is for the reader to decide whether, for the patient, hope finally falls victim to despair or whether it emerges triumphant over despondency.

Publication date: 
Friday 1 July 2022

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