Dialed In: Do Your Best When It Matters Most

Dialed In: Do Your Best When It Matters Most

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Author: Dr Dana Sinclair (Hughes Hall 1990)

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

For readers of Atomic Habits and Grit, a top performance psychologist, who has coached elite athletes, surgeons, and business leaders, shares her proven plan to getting the best results when the pressure is on. What do a major league baseball catcher struggling with pop-flies, an operating room doctor anxious before a surgery, and a slumping sixteen-year-old tennis prodigy all have in common? They’re elite performers who, for whatever reasons, are not achieving excellence, and they’re not sure how to improve.

Enter Dr Dana Sinclair. For more than twenty years, Dr Dana has worked with the best of the best to improve results, from MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL teams to IndyCar drivers and Olympic athletes. She helps performers of all stripes shift their focus and deliver their best in the high-pressure moments that define greatness. But her methods also work for students and teachers, business leaders and managers, and anyone motivated to improve. Her approach is simple: figure out what gets in your way, develop actions to address it in the moment, and then stick to the plan. It’s not about how you feel, it’s about what you do!

Now, for the first time, her method to improve performance is available to everyone. Part One of the book shares Dr Dana’s key concepts. Using entertaining anecdotes taken from real experiences, she reveals:

  • the true nature of confidence (it’s overrated)
  • the difference between good routines and unhelpful superstitions
  • good communicating vs. common bad advice
  • why character is better than talent

and more.

In Part Two, she takes us through her three-step process for making your own performance plans, with five helpful examples to illustrate how it’s done, no matter the person, profession, or obstacle. The book also contains questionnaires and tips to help you better develop your personalized performance plan, for whatever challenges you face.

Simple, smart, and effective, Dialed In is like having your own performance coach in your back pocket.

Publication date: 
Thursday 1 February 2024

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