Desert Snow: one girl's take on Africa by bike

Desert Snow: one girl's take on Africa by bike

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Author: Helen Lloyd (St Catharine's 2000)

Publisher: Take On Creative

Desert Snow is the story of one girl, one bike and 1,000 beers in Africa. By daring to follow a dream and not letting fear prevail, Helen cycled across the Sahara, Sahel and tropics of West Africa, paddled down the Niger River in a pirogue, hitch-hiked to Timbuktu and spent three months traversing the Congo, which she thought she may never leave...

Helen takes you with her on the journey through every high and low of her memories and misadventures. She describes a continent brimming with diversity that is both a world away from what she knows and yet not so different at all.

Also available for Kindle.

Publication date: 
Wednesday 22 May 2013

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