Cheek To Cheek

Cheek To Cheek

A dark blue book cover shows a city skyline picked out in a single white line.

Author: Alex Fallows (Christ's 1974)

Publisher: Amazon

Mia Kirkland’s husband is dead. Everyone tells her it was an accident. But she does not believe it.

Mia’s family is shattered when her wildlife-photographer husband is killed in a road accident, leaving her on her own to struggle with two young sons and a demanding career. When she receives an unexpected offer of a lucrative assignment from the CFO of an international company in Oxford, it feels like a lifeline. Except for her unpredictable and volatile boss. And the hostile Argentinean woman in the office next door to her. And the burning question of why she is really there. Mia begins to suspect there is more to her husband’s death than everyone is telling her.

Tom Dawson, has problems of his own – relentless international travel and unresolved relationships, for starters. But Tom and Mia are twins, so her problem is now his problem.

To find the truth – and try to keep her sanity - Mia has no option but to provoke her adversaries, putting herself and her family at risk.

Publication date: 
Thursday 18 April 2024

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