Beyond the Horizon might be Better

Beyond the Horizon might be Better

The book cover shows a silhouetted figure staring into the sunset over a mountainous landscape

Author: Sola Amure (Christ's 1976)

Publisher: Goldcrest Books International Ltd

Sola Amure’s childhood was spent between Nigeria and England.

In Nigeria his family enjoyed every material comfort: the only things lacking from his early life were love and affection. He was very upset at the huge disparity between people like his family and those families struggling to eat.

To the outside world his father was a respected lecturer and British-educated medical man. But at home, growing up as the eldest son, Amure became the primary target of his father’s frequent rages and abuse. Later in life, as a medical professional, he faced racism and prejudice, not only from patients but from fellow NHS staff.

This fascinating and inspiring memoir tells his story and how he overcame adversity and confronted prejudice in an attempt to improve both his life and that of others. As a result, he is determined to do what he can for ill-treated people, especially children and women, from all backgrounds.

Publication date: 
Friday 8 December 2023

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