At the Court of Broken Dreams

At the Court of Broken Dreams

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Author: Laurence Baillie Brown (King's 1972)

Publisher: Publishing Push

This real historical Game of Thrones is set in the late fifteenth century in the Wars of the Roses. A disgruntled younger son of a fallen Duke, Eddy De-la-Pole, bisexual and deeply ambitious, dominated by his beloved mother Alice Chaucer (the poet's granddaughter), nurtures a bromance with Anthony Wydville, brother of the Yorkist Queen. But the manipulative Queen separates them. How will Eddy choose between his beloved friend and the rising star of the dynastic firmament, Richard Duke of Gloucester? And who is the mysterious Catalan Rabbi who haunts the Court and eventually has a powerful influence over Eddy's life? Read and enjoy this tale of love and war in the late Middle Ages to learn the answers to these and other fascinating questions. And remember that the Founder of my college, King's, Henry VI, and his killer, Richard III, are both key players in the story.

Publication date: 
Thursday 15 September 2022

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