Another Man

Another Man

Another Man cover

Author: Leslie Croxford (Clare 1963)

Publisher: Paper + Ink

Frank Ward, a research historian troubled by his own past and a sense of emptiness, returns to a Spanish pueblo to celebrate the publication of his first book. Unexpectedly discovering that Albert Speer’s wartime driver had convalesced there, after years as a Russian POW, Frank plunges into an attempt to penetrate the mystery of Speer – the so-called "Good Nazi" –beyond the extent of his crimes. Consequently, he is drawn into a series of intense encounters in the pueblo, where Speer and his driver – although deceased – continue to influence events. Amongst the people he meets are the cheerful owner of his pensión; a malevolent archaeologist; an Argentine pianist and his estranged ballerina wife ... and Paloma, their captivating daughter, with whom Frank stands a chance to rediscover love.

Leslie Croxford's third novel is a complex, carefully braided story of emotional wounding and healing, one in which Frank seeks to become what Speer sought, but failed to be: another man.

Publication date: 
Thursday 25 March 2021

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