Anarchy or Establishment

Anarchy or Establishment

Anarchy or Establishment

Author: Henry Thwaites

Publisher: Hayloft Publshing Ltd

Lawrence Alderson has devoted much of his life to saving endangered breeds and maintaining biodiversity and was awarded the CBE for services to conservation. He matriculated in 1959 and lectured for four years after post-graduate studies before establishing an international consultancy for business management and animal breeding. In the latter capacity he has had a profound impact on global policies for genetic conservation and global warming. He was founder of Rare Breeds International and RBST and is a leading world authority on saving endangered breeds from extinction. This biography traces his life from his boyhood on a remote moorland farm in northern England to his current eminent position. His family roots in the Pennines are evident even though he has travelled to regions around the world, often as an invited keynote speaker - a talent first seen in his school debating society. He was an active sportsman played rugby at a high level, but at Cambridge earned his Blue as a heavyweight boxer. His personality emerges as an irrepressible action man, with over-riding optimism and humour. The author, who clearly shares a Yorkshire heritage with his subject, writes with an easy flowing style, and the book is liberally illustrated with 144 colour and monochrome images.

Publication date: 
Monday 24 June 2019

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