Central Asia: Along the Golden Road from Samarkand

Central Asia: Along the Golden Road from Samarkand

  • Bukhara

My lifelong ambition to see many of the famous Silk Road cities has been fulfilled, thanks to several 'pinch me, I am really here' moments.

Hilary Allison (Queens’ 1981)

This was a meticulously planned trip with transport and meals appearing on time seemingly without effort, hotels of a much higher standard than expected and a suite of well informed and empathetic local guides as well as our dedicated academic expert.

The itinerary of the trip was well and truly packed with visits to both well and lesser-known sites of cultural and historical interest. As well as the wonderful company of fellow alumni, our experience of being welcomed in Uzbekistan and especially Tajikistan by local people made this an experience of a lifetime in countries emerging at different speeds from their Soviet past into the twenty first century.