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Travel operators

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Last Frontiers

Last Frontiers have been helping clients plan Latin American trips for over 20 years, and know that nothing beats speaking to someone who has been there. All the staff have travelled widely and love to share their knowledge and enthusiasm.

As a company, they feel very strongly that tour operators need to work together with both their suppliers on the ground and their clients to ensure the long-term sustainability of what they do. The company have elaborated a Responsible Tourism Policy together with a Code of Ethics, given to all clients.

Temple World

Temple World has pioneered the concept University Alumni travel in Britain. It all began with a single tour for the University of Cambridge in 1992. Since then Temple World's success in providing stimulating tours for people of like mind has attracted groups from all over the world.

Many hundreds of Cambridge alumni have travelled with Temple World to nearly every part of the world and have enjoyed the very special atmosphere of their unique journeys.