Dr Nicholas E Newton-Fisher

Dr Nicholas E Newton-Fisher

Dr Nicholas E Newton-Fisher is Senior Lecturer in Primate Behavioural Ecology at the University of Kent. Having earned a BSc (Hons, First Class) in Zoology at the University of Bristol, Dr Newton-Fisher went on to do his PhD in Biological Anthropology at Cambridge (1993-1997). His research interests span a variety of topics, with a partiuclar focus in social behaviour and socioecology.

His current interests include aggression, reciprocity, sexual coercion, home-range use and social foraging, evolution of complex cognition, and non-material culture. The majority of his work has focused on non-human primates, but he is also interested in these topics in other, particularly mammalian, taxa.

His is also interested in increasing public understanding of science and has given numerous interviews for press and broadcast media, and has also provided expertise in primatology and chimpanzee behaviour as a consultant for Channel 5/National Geographic, BBC Science Television, Lever Fabergé, Granada Media Television, BBC Science Online, Survival Anglia Television, and the Discovery Channel Online.

  • Senior Lecturer in Primate Behavioural Ecology, Univeristy of Kent
University of Cambridge
Churchill (1993)

Website: Dr Nicholas E Newton-Fisher