As we begin a month-long focus on research and outreach activities carried out by Cambridge University across the East of England, our Vice-Chancellor talks about the importance of telling these stories.
Many modern laptops and an increasing number of desktop computers are much more vulnerable to hacking through common plug-in devices than previously thought, according to new research.
In a new film, leading Cambridge University researchers discuss the far-reaching advances offered by artificial intelligence – and consider the consequences of developing systems that think far beyond human abilities.
A team of Cambridge researchers have found a way to control the sea of nuclei in semiconductor quantum dots so they can operate as a quantum memory device.
A new Centre at the University of Cambridge will develop AI techniques to help address some of the biggest threats facing the planet. 
Cambridge researchers are to take part in a study to examine the impact of concussion in motorsports, with the aim of reducing traumatic brain injury and helping drivers recover.

At Cambridge, vital research is being carried out every single day. Public engagement communicates the impact of this research, while opening up a conversation between the researchers and the public.

Seventy years after myxomatosis decimated the rabbit populations of Australia, Britain and France, a new study led by Cambridge scientists reveals how the species has evolved genetic resistance to the disease through natural selection.
Ostrich feathers are often associated with glamorous women but this wasn’t always the case. In the sixteenth century, it was Europe’s men who spearheaded this trend. Now experts in Cambridge and London have brought this forgotten moment in fashion history back to life by recreating a lavish headdress.
Concerns over immigration and the rise of the far-right in Spain are fuelling tensions at one of its most important festivals, the Día de la Toma in Granada. And as a new Cambridge study reveals, music has become a key battleground.


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