Researchers find long-term, climate-friendly stimulus policies are often superior in overall economic impact – not just in slowing global warming.

The first-ever University of Cambridge Sports Awards was scheduled for April 2020 and whilst the event couldn’t go ahead as originally planned, the awards were delivered digitally, recognising another exceptional year of student sport.

The Cambridge Museums, Botanic Gardens, Departments and non-school institutions have put together an array of online resources to help families learn together.

Charles Sherwood (Sidney Sussex 1978) describes how secretly scaling up the college chapel led to a lifelong love of mountaineering, and a quest to conquer each continent’s most challenging climb.

Poet Usha Akella (Lucy Cavendish 2016) realised that many South Asian diaspora poets experienced exclusion from the wider poetry community. This led her to set up Matwaala — a festival to give visibility and voice to South Asian poets.

Ian Goodfellow is no stranger to infectious disease outbreaks. In 2014 he left behind the safety of his Cambridge lab to join a taskforce fighting the hazardous Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. With COVID-19 now sweeping the globe, Goodfellow is once again applying his scientific expertise to finding solutions in real time.
Nine Cambridge scientists are among the new Fellows announced today by the Royal Society. 
Close-up of someone's nose
The ability to detect smells predicts recovery and long-term survival in patients who have suffered severe brain injury, a new study has found. A simple, inexpensive ‘sniff test’ could help doctors to accurately diagnose and determine treatment plans for patients with disorders of consciousness.
The worst thing for the economy would be not acting at all to prevent disease spread, followed by too short a lockdown, according to research based on US data.
Members of the University of Cambridge Boat Clubs have voted overwhelmingly to form a single high performance rowing club for women, men and lightweight athletes to compete in the Boat Race against Oxford. 


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