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New admissions tests for 2024

The University of Cambridge and Imperial College London are to launch a new joint venture to deliver admissions tests for science, engineering and mathematics based degree courses. The tests, which will be delivered by global assessments leader, Pearson VUE, aim to improve the experience of students applying for highly competitive undergraduate courses while helping universities to fairly assess the skills of the brightest applicants. 
Microscopic image of placental organoids

‘Mini-placentas’ help scientists understand the causes of pre-eclampsia and pregnancy disorders

Scientists have grown ‘mini-placentas’ in the lab and used them to shed light on how the placenta develops and interacts with the inner lining of the womb – findings that could help scientists better understand and, in future, potentially treat pre-eclampsia.
The GN-z11 galaxy, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope

Astronomers detect oldest black hole ever observed

Researchers have discovered the oldest black hole ever observed, dating from the dawn of the universe, and found that it is ‘eating’ its host galaxy to death.

Role of inherited genetic variants in rare blood cancer uncovered

Combining three different sources of genetic information has allowed researchers to further understand why only some people with a common mutation go on to develop rare blood cancer.
Young girl watching herself being injected with COVID-19 vaccine at a medical clinic

Significant gaps in COVID-19 vaccine uptake may have led to over 7,000 hospitalisations and deaths

Between a third and a half of the populations of the four UK nations had not had the recommended number of COVID vaccinations and boosters by summer 2022, according to the first research study to look at COVID-19 vaccine coverage of the entire UK population.
Digital image of a molecule

Accelerating how new drugs are made with machine learning

Researchers have developed a platform that combines automated experiments with AI to predict how chemicals will react with one another, which could accelerate the design process for new drugs.
Person standing on white digital bathroom scale

Feeling depressed linked to short-term increase in bodyweight among people with overweight or obesity

Increases in symptoms of depression are associated with a subsequent increase in bodyweight when measured one month later, new research from the University of Cambridge has found.
Sunrise over Venus

Mysterious missing component in the clouds of Venus revealed

Researchers may have identified the missing component in the chemistry of the Venusian clouds that would explain their colour and 'splotchiness' in the UV range, solving a longstanding mystery.
Pill-on-a-thread and capsule sponge

New trial of 'pill-on-a-thread' brings screening for oesophageal cancer closer

A man from Cambridge is the first to join the surveillance part of a clinical trial that could see routine screening for oesophageal cancer introduced into the NHS, potentially halving deaths from this cancer every year.
Professor Sir Roy Calne

Pioneering transplant surgeon Sir Roy Calne dies aged 93

Professor Sir Roy Calne, the pioneering transplant surgeon who carried out the first liver transplant in the UK during his time at Cambridge, has died aged 93.


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