Paris - The Fingask Follies

Paris - The Fingask Follies

  • The Fingask Follies

The Fingask Follies via Wikipedia.

Hosted by the Cambridge Society of Paris
Tuesday, 22 May 2018
Open to: 
Alumni and guests

For the first time ever, for their 22nd Anniversary, we have enticed the Fingask Follies musical revue over to Paris to put on a special private performance specifically for the Cambridge Society and their guests. Shades of Flanders and Swan, with a touch of Kit and the Widow, the Fingask formula (but not the music) is Glyndebourne style; drinks, first half of the performance, dinner, second half of the performance and then coffee. Founded by the owner of Fingask Castle in Scotland, the Follies perform during a summer season, including Scotland, London, cabaret style in large Country Houses... and now Paris! Their website notes that “you will leave the Follies humming an old tune and thinking a new thought.” Yes, all of that and full of the joys of life as well! The price will be kept as reasonable as possible to cover dinner, drinks and the revue.

Booking information

Booking information will be available soon. Black tie or lounge suits.



Location information

The location will be stylish and interesting and will be announced in due course.