Braintastic: mastering memory

Braintastic: mastering memory

Braintastic: mastering memory

event Saturday, September 23, 2023 schedule 1.30pm - 2.30pm BST
Past event
Past event
event Saturday, September 23, 2023 schedule 1.30pm - 2.30pm BST
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In-person at Sidgwick | £15
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Alumni and guests
Extracurricular, Family friendly, Science and technology
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Can you trust your memories? Maybe not. In this interactive science show you’ll learn how memories stored in the brain can play tricks on you, through a series of memory games and quizzes. We’ll also share top memory tips and explore psychology and neuroscience research that can help boost your learning and memory. Plus, after the show, there will be time to ask our brain expert any questions you might have about your incredible brain!

Braintastic! Science creates spectacular live science shows for schools and festivals that inspire, entertain and educate young people about their amazing brains and how to get the best out of them. Created by University of Cambridge graduate Ginny Smith, our goal is to give students the confidence to celebrate their curiosity and appreciate the complexities of their brains. Our shows and workshops are packed full of hands-on experiments and demos to get kids thinking about how their brains work, based on the latest scientific research.

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Rebecca Williams (Sidney Sussex 2021)


Rebecca is a PhD student studying dementia at the University of Cambridge. From a young age, she was told that she was a chatterbox, which has served her well throughout her academic journey! From running local mental health workshops, to presenting research at international conferences, Rebecca’s love of chatting about science continues to grow. Rebecca didn’t start out her journey with a love of brains, and actually avoided studying biology during her college years, instead becoming enthralled with French and English Literature. However, after studying vision at the University of Oxford during her undergraduate degree in Psychology, she fell in love with how beautifully complicated brains can be. This led her to pursue a master’s degree in Clinical Neuroscience, before moving to Cambridge to begin her PhD. In her spare time Rebecca enjoys taking to a non-scientific stage and has performed in musicals, operettas and pantomimes as everything from a fairy to a pirate.

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In-person lectures at the Sidgwick Site as part of Alumni Festival cost £15 per person.

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