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Festival player

As the 30th Alumni Festival goes digital this year, you can access recordings of some of the most popular lectures from the 2019 Alumni Festival via our Festival Player.

Recordings from this year's Festival are available to rewatch on the Dear World, Yours Cambridge YouTube channel.

Recordings from Alumni Festival 2019


Can we understand the power of the brain? What could be unlocked if we could?

Speaker: Professor Zoe Kourtzi

Person Ringing Service Bell Hold By Robot

The ethical, philosophical and social issues raised by AI and how people are prepared, or not, for the changes it will bring

Speaker: Dr Beth Singler

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Hear about a woman in power, one of the most influential women of the twelfth century.

Speaker: Dr Julie Barrau 


Symptoms are influenced by your attitude: but are they organic or psychosomatic?

Speaker: Professor Richard Holton

genetic inheritance

Learn about new research that is uncovering how a person’s genetic inheritance colludes with non-genetic factors to influence the risk of developing cancer.

Speaker: Professor Ashok Venkitaraman

A Timber tower along the river at night

Supertall timber: impossibly high wooden skyscrapers

Speaker: Dr Michael Ramage

Three interlocking cogs with flags inside, including USA and Russia

How will the world trading system respond to new threats of disruption?

Speaker: Dr Meredith A. Crowley

Self-healing infrastructure

Can nature inspire resilience?

Speakers: Professor Abir Al-Tabbaa, Dr Chrysoula Litinaa, Dr Lívia Ribeiro de Souza

Badbury Rings - 1947

Discover the University’s remarkable Collection of Aerial Photography, recording lost archaeological sites and industrial and post-industrial landscapes of Britain.

Speakers: Professor Tom Spencer, Professor Martin Millett, Huw Jones, Dr Robert Bewley