Objects of attention

Objects of attention

Objects of attention

event Friday, September 27, 2024 schedule 12.00pm - 1.00pm BST
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Sold out
event Friday, September 27, 2024 schedule 12.00pm - 1.00pm BST
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A material approaches workshop with Dr Anastasia Badder
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Traditional models for inter-religious encounter have been criticised as exclusionary, making assumptions about what, how and who counts as religious, and for their readiness to be pressed into service for securitization, and other political agendas. They can also be talk-heavy, and so less-than accessible for those who struggle with wordy concepts and very theoretical approaches.

In this session we will explore how material objects can function as an alternative way into thoughtful engagement with religious difference. The work builds on scholarship in the field of New Materialism, using the senses to cultivate connection; related work in Cambridge includes a pilot project with primary and secondary schools.

Enhance your EDI-Q with Religious Sensitivities training from the Cambridge Interfaith Programme

Would you feel confident discussing beliefs and worldview with someone from a very different cultural background? If you heard someone (a peer or colleague) railing against a religion, calling it violent or harmful, how would you respond?

Religion is a common taboo in UK society. Combined with prejudicial attitudes, this can lead to ignorance, discrimination and isolation. Through a series of interactive sessions, the Cambridge Interfaith Programme offers a skills-based approach to enhancing religious sensitivities and growing your confidence in meaningful cross-cultural conversation.  This can be applied in workplaces, communities and educational settings.

This year, we are offering three different skill-based sessions, exploring different approaches to overcoming ignorance. The sessions do not focus on religious literacy (as if that were teachable in 60 minutes) but rather on learning and practising useful techniques to increase awareness—in yourself and with others.

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Dr Anastasia R. Badder

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Dr Anastasia R. Badder is a postdoctoral research associate, attached to the Cambridge Interfaith Programme. An anthropologist by training, her expertise spans Jewish lives, pedagogies of language, and (increasingly) environmental humanities. She is the author of Water and/in religious relations: A Cambridge study (2023).

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Try one session or book the whole series (discounted rate: £25 for 3 sessions). We will provide a certificate of attendance for anyone completing all sessions.

Option to discuss further over a light buffet lunch (vegan friendly). Lunch included in £10 fee.

From £10

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