CAM Crossword

CAM Crossword

CAM 87 crossword

Entries to be received by: 6 September 2019

Solutions and winners posted online: 20 September 2019

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"Toast" by Nimrod

* Denotes a required field


The name of the toast's dedicatee, plus the last twelve words of a potted biography, run down the central entry and around the unclued clockwise perimeter starting at a square to be determined in the left-hand column; the content of unchecked cells CONSERVES OWN VAULT. Single superfluous letters in the wordplay of most clues spell out the title of the book from which the quote is taken (Across) and the name of its author (Down).


5 Nurse positioned by finishing-line? (4)
7 Rock cradle with energy, making a statement (9)
9 Totally in bloom, centre of seaside resort (8)
13 Woman for whom a love of Carmen returns? (8)
14 Remarkable US soldier infiltrates families from the East (6)
15 Wimbledon match day – ready for Sharapova? (7)
17 It's thawed, I see, around the front (3-4)
19 Falls freezing, island misses core of holiday groups (6)
22 Forces hypothetically like cheap red wine uncorked? (6)
24 New student wanting Open University – fewer hours working! (7)
25 Inject it into unusually remote source of electrons (7)
26 Stratford's most convenient exam for match officials? (6)
28 Various classes study cracking German essays (8)
31 Craft seen in air guitar solo, extravagant lip-synching at first omitted (8)
32 Despite regular exclusions, honest man Ed Bly is there if needed (2,5-2)
33 Sort of resistance meeting a wild style (4)


1 Flying in a jet carrying good number, foreign invader provoking a reaction (7)
2 Reword verse about love-making (4)
3 Nothing but legumes for starters in a "mixed" salad (7)
4 Talked about duck on inland sea (4)
6 Frenzied shout that's keeping out rising (4)
8 What daring high-wire artist has over the group (7)
10 Getting on, these characters on staff could elicit long faces (1,5)
11 Cunning Welsh runner, long-distance one (4)
12 Wanting experience off and on, it's fine clue gets edited (6)
16 Police officers, pair of them contributing to bust! (6)
18 Business flyer with design of a dragon-slayer (7)
19 Extremely angry pig repressing others (6)
20 Ex-retiree in Paris to be jazz's hub? (7)
21 He's upset about pop phrase being overruled by quiet Scottish judge (7)
23 Briefly looking on singular ones like Sir Billy? (4)
27 Basic education supports Southern and Eastern Press together (4)
29 Hats off to a timeless English 'sugar daddy'! (4)
30 Fifty-year order raised crossbreed out of the ark (4)