CAM Crossword

CAM Crossword

CAM 82 crossword

Entries to be received by: 26 January 2018

Solutions and winners posted online: 9 February 2018

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Mixed Drink by Schadenfreude

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When the clue answers have been entered there will be 24 empty cells which solvers must highlight and fill with a 3-word name, the cells having a possible shape of the name's abbreviation. Numbers in brackets give the lengths of final grid entries which are all real words or phrases.


1 Composition of Catholic festival with time initially extended (7)
6 Poisonous gas entering mine loop (5)
10 Colourful bird heading for gorse in Scottish course (6)
12 King with illness sent back one cold sweet (5)
14 Sloven from the east on heroin that's behaving awkwardly (7)
15 Doctor has energy for round one (4)
16 Trick catching old wily thief (6)
18 Stripped living tree (4)
19 Can it end without work? (5)
20 Maybe repaired footwear flogged outside Spain (6)
21 Court old-fashioned woman (5)
23 One's removed from facilities for hire (6)
26 Deserter backed by seven seamen (6)
29 Civil Service covers rising emergencies (7)
30 Priest accepted writer's nom de plume (5)
31 Pools popular in Lesotho (5)
33 Reputation once almost ruined (4)
37 Groom from Sicily emptied church (4)
38 Reach of water in local river for aquatic plants (6)
39 Poisonous substance Newton found in flipping Indian dish (6)
40 Each action covered by steamship wartime permit (7, 2 words)
41 Leave German overcome by cold drink (5)
42 Monument seen on the end of hunting ground (10)


1 Acorns are gathered by adequate Pole (7, 2 words)
2 Learner interrupts prompt before party game (6)
3 Tree north of lake is a source of oil (4)
4 Worn-out string (6)
5 Self-seekers leave island owned by alien society (8)
6 Short European activist (5)
7 Salmon coloured duck house (5)
8 Redundant sailor invested in ordinary bond (6)
9 Wary Scots keeping with old infantry division (6)
11 Ruler removing navy from Scottish port (4)
13 Substitute female sick at work (8)
17 Letter section acts as a reminder (6)
22 Everyone unknown in government forming a union (8)
24 Birds I love seen in borders (7)
25 Victor leaves to clean up a delicate structure (5)
27 Make fun of Charlie with mature bony frame (7)
28 This bird of prey flying round loch could be a kestrel (7)
29 The worst part accepted by conservative English actor (6)
32 Vessel speed about zero! (5)
34 Former obnoxious person lacks power (5)
35 William's mother about to stop nurse (4)
36 Ancient spear remains (4)