CAM Crossword

CAM Crossword

CAM 84 crossword

Entries to be received by: 7 September 2018

Solutions and winners posted online: 21 September 2018

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MEKEEKROE LEOO by Schadenfreude

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Eleven answers are to be entered using a code in which the nth letter of the alphabet is replaced by the nth letter of a 26-letter phrase. The phrase consists of eleven items (although a twelfth is sometimes included), each ending with a unique pair of words. The encoded words comprise one of each pair. Having completed the grid solvers must carry out the following instruction: IROIFROIK TRROERORTKEFE KIE OORM EHKOE KITK ETH HE RTROEM LRKI TH EHEEMEM THCLEO.


1 Gas man in RAF no longer a scholar (5)
6 Difficult to handle oak tree blocking entrance to packed motorway (7)
12 Tea makers belonging to female employers (8)
13 English newspaper in France is most convenient for some (6)
14 Scots scoured cranes from the east lacking compliance (7)
15 A jumper necessary in Finland (4)
16 Soldiers Chinese people led astray retreat (8)
17 Artist wearing old Nancy's black backed stole (7)
19 Good smoke for old Paddy (5)
21 War heroes left unlimited in strength (6, 2 words)
22 Gracious holy man in command of the occult (6)
24 Inattentive like sheltered page (6)
30 Sensational chant without backing (6)
33 Sail back to a line of warships (5)
34 Cheat Chinese bitch maybe turning tail (7)
36 Once more enliven East London men overcome by back end of race (8)
37 Fighter with outstanding boldness (4)
38 King that's returning to entrance a Surrey community (7)
39 Captain Cooker perhaps to support the Queen (6)
40 Hospital doctor wrongly tries to restrict Dutch nurse (8)
41 Slender earthy daughter out of control (7)
42 Russian girl out of Norway beginning to sow nutritious plants (5)


1 Dishonest rector in Glasgow peeped outside (7)
2 Batting companion almost skied seven catches (7)
3 Ordinary girl with a bad girl's name (6)
4 Outsiders expel the other one (7)
5 Virtuoso lacks unending mad enthusiasm (5)
7 Ceremonial day in once regal surroundings (6)
8 Bird dated before November stopping mournful cry (7, 2 words)
9 Third stomach once a fourth part (6)
10 Made small apertures in electronic box turned over in eastern yard (8)
11 Team working with a flank facing forwards (6)
18 Mostly finest exotic buffets can be delivered by us (5)
20 They bite - I heard half of them eating odd bits of these (8)
23 Dotterel left out refurbished vacuum tube (7)
25 Tacks made so small (7)
26 Emotional bonding lifted us at the right time before hard year (7)
27 Tom's taken in by father's aged companions (7)
28 Bellow possessing the ultimate in rough voice (6)
29 Skylark perhaps rose fluttering across a river (6)
31 Third book penned by Defender of the Faith succeeded by chance (6)
32 Metal grating in Wick across back of tunnel (6)
35 Scots destroy a poet's praise (5)