CAM Crossword

CAM Crossword

CAM 83 crossword

Entries to be received by: 11 May 2018

Solutions and winners posted online: 25 May 2018

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Blues by Schadenfreude

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Seven clues have a misprint in the definition. Clashes in seven cells form names; in these cells solvers must enter the initial letter of the name preceded by one of the misprint corrections. The collective name of the seven (two parallel words) must be highlighted. Numbers in brackets are the lengths of grid entries.


1 Religious woman in an excited state outside court knocked back a drink (6, 2 words)
6 He rescues judge held in laird's yard by Republican (6)
11 Repeat "check" in gambling game (4)
13 Noisy game bird caught by the French lizards (7)
14 Did raw volunteers fly across lake? (6)
15 A kind American to expose earl (6)
16 Drama in some trouble (5)
17 Travelling on another terrible day (7, 3 words)
20 Comparatively thin artist, about eighty (5)
22 Bloke ignoring female pass (4)
23 Swimmer facing trouble on South Island (8)
25 Not more than a thousand stopping for second time (6, 2 words)
28 Inbred sow trapped left foot (6)
31 Magistrate's office chair hack repaired without compliance (8)
33 Curtail cold kiss (4)
34 Faith lives with recurrent pain (5)
37 I found in large dictionary "exultation of mythical ring" (7)
39 Newspaper covering bird foot disease (5)
40 A written composition about Zulu medical decoction (6)
41 Plant tree in shelter (6)
42 Brisk speed on foot (7)
43 Victorian gave me and Kay backing (4)
44 Silly director worried about retiring apparently leaves (6, 2 words)
45 Poles keeping anonymous greeting promotional tour (6)


1 Baronet and associate look up and indeed resist (8, 3 words)
2 Acting knight protected by our king's companion (5)
3 Pass over doctor with zero capital (7)
4 Page lied awfully about a brilliant septet (6)
5 Bishop led astray by academy member fit for the madhouse (4)
7 Peter Ustinov's initial eccentricity stimulated an inspiring deity (7)
8 Casual errand boy's game (6)
9 Exotic isle's pear trees (9)
10 Did fish in Scotland fool local editor? (4)
12 Blue, close to sour cheese (4)
18 King of France touring US city (4)
19 Chap beginning to experience palsy developed a state of body rigidity (9)
21 Magnificent magistrate turned up with lire for money (5)
24 Prompting device I fixed keeping a robot working (8, 2 words)
26 Before one mother would skate (4)
27 Shilling gratuity to finish a soldier's day (7)
29 Monk nursing tailless sick dolphin (7)
30 Parasites? Religious cross carried by each (6)
32 Nurse welcoming the start of exciting life (6)
35 Maiden queen and goddess join forces (4)
36 Dusty shore line followed by old uncle and Penny (5)
37 Firm engaging extremely loose feminist sociologist (4)
38 British medieval knight protecting learner more likely to snap (4)