Data protection

Data protection

We are proud of our alumni and friends and want to stay in touch.

The University and the Colleges have a shared interest in and co-ordinated approach to their alumni and supporters. This statement explains how the University handles and uses data it collects about its alumni, its friends, and its current and future supporters. Colleges have their own databases and access to the University’s database, and each organisation also maintains other electronic and paper records. Colleges have their own data protection procedures. The University of Cambridge Development and Alumni Relations keeps in touch with all University alumni, provides services to them and focuses on relationships with potential and existing donors.


The records are used by the University for alumni relations and fundraising purposes. These include publications, alumni surveys, appeals and the marketing of alumni events and services such as CAMCard, the University credit card, alumni email and online services and the travel and merchandise programmes.  Communications may be sent by post, telephone or electronic means.

Most records contain education, contact details, and career and other achievements.  Contact and relationships with the University since graduation and donations are also recorded. In some cases other data is added, such as data from external partners (see below); sensitive data you provide for a specific purpose (disability or lifestyle status for event management or updating of personal history for example); information about your family and other relationships; financial data; and information about your areas of interest and potential to support the University and the Colleges. We also use data from reputable public sources.

Security and controlled data sharing with partners

All information is held and transmitted securely and (in addition to disclosure as permitted or required by law) may be shared on a considered and confidential basis only with

  • Colleges
  • University clubs and societies
  • Alumni societies and volunteers
  • Cambridge in America (the University’s affiliate office in the US)
  • Associated bodies for example various Cambridge scholarship trusts, and wholly owned companies such as Cambridge Enterprise Ltd
  • Selected companies who provide University-branded alumni programmes (merchandise, travel etc)

The University also facilitates communication between individual alumni, but in doing so does not release personal contact details without prior permission.


You are in control. If you have any queries, wish to restrict data processing or sharing including use for marketing or do not want to be contacted by the University, please inform us. (Minimal information is always retained to make sure you are not contacted again inadvertently: name, College, subject, matriculation and graduation details, USN and date of birth.)  Otherwise we will maintain your record in support of your life-long relationship with the University.  You will also need to contact your College separately if you wish to restrict college data processing, sharing, marketing or contact. We will publish any changes we make to this data protection statement and notify you where appropriate.