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CAM 83

CAM 83


In the Lent issue of CAM we investigate the ‘fourth wave’ of feminism, discuss jugaad innovation with Professor Jaideep Prabhu, find out about the many metaphorical hats Cambridge porters wear, and discover the power of philanthropy.

Highlights include:

Smash the patriarchy: What does feminism mean to the Cambridge women leading the charge?

Frugal innovation: Professor Jaideep Prabhu explains why doing more with less is the future of research and development.

The lost key: Porters spill the beans: CAM goes behind the scenes at the Lodge.

Philanthropy matters: How will philanthropy impact the University’s future?

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11 May 2018
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25 May 2018

Winner: Shahina Ghazanfar (Newnham 1978)

Runners-up: Jason James (King's 1983) and Paul Peters (Trinity 1968)


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