CAM 80

CAM 80


In the Lent issue of CAM, we discover what Indian democracy can teach a world in flux, reveal how Malthus is being reinvented for our times, and investigate the truth behind why humans are so susceptible to conspiracy theories.

Highlights include:

  • Democracy in India: Seventy years after independence, what can India teach the rest of the world about democracy?
  • The world is run by... the CIA: In a world of alternative facts, CAM explores the conspiracy theory.
  • Malthus redux: Why Malthus is being reinterpreted for the 21st century.
  • Body works: Dr Michelle Oyen explains why bioengineering is where it is at.
  • Saga stead: Dr Emily Lethbridge on rock, ice and saga.

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Strange Career by Schadenfreude

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12 May 2017
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26 May 2017

Winner: Rachel Poulter (Jesus 1983)

Runners-up: Jake Choules (Fitzwilliam 2013), Paul Molins (Churchill 1969)

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