CAM 77

CAM 77

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When is it acceptable to sleep in public? What have we lost with the forgotten art of the ‘letter home’? And how did four undergraduates kick-start a musical revolution? CAM investigates.

Highlights include:

  • The Big Sleep: The Japanese don’t sleep. They don’t nap. They do inemuri. Dr Brigitte Steger explains all.
  • Looking up: When Professor Didier Queloz spotted a strange light emitting from a star many light years away from the Earth, he thought it signalled the end of his PhD.
  • Dear Mother: Before WhatsApp, before Facebook, before email even, the way generations of Cambridge students sent news home was via letter. CAM rips open the envelope.
  • At home and astray: Dr Philip Howell uncovers how the humble hound became man’s best friend.
  • Folk Story: In 1954 four undergraduates decided to take the guitar and singing thing a bit further. The result became the stuff of legends.

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Termini by Schadenfreude

Entries to be received by: 
20 May 2016
Solutions and winners posted here: 
27 May 2016

Winner: Nicholas Maxwell (St John's 1970). Runners-up: Josephine Living (Newnham 2000) and Alan Chamberlain (St Catharine's 1975).

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