CAM 68 letters

CAM 68 letters

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Letters in response to CAM 68.

Some letters may have been edited for clarity and brevity.

The best bookshop in Cambridge

Your issue 68 featured the Haunted Bookshop. I know it well, my wife lived there! 

In the early 1960s this building was still rented accommodation. Then it was rented not by students – they may have come later – but by non-university folk. My wife – girlfriend then and working in the Cavendish – lived there with two friends. As now there were four floors. The living room was on the ground floor, with two bedrooms above, one room to a floor and a windy staircase with a rope to hang onto as handrail. The kitchen was in the basement along with the bathroom.  A non-existent door separated the two. The cooker was so close to the bathroom that one could have a bath and cook supper at the same time! 

My wife and I have called in to the shop quite recently and basically it hasn’t changed – apart from its use! Not sure about the ghosts though!

David Nicol (Clare 1960)