CAM Crossword

CAM Crossword

CAM 81 crossword

Entries to be received by: 1 September 2017

Solutions and winners posted online: 15 September 2017

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Titles by Schadenfreude

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Each of 19 clues contains a word which must be removed before solving. This word has only one letter in common with the clue's answer. The common letters when viewed in the grid in normal reading order spell three titles. Solvers must complete the grid and highlight a fourth title and the first and last names of the creator of the four titles.


2 Abuse Republican with a symbolic gesture (5)
8 Admin unit's not working for the French hippodrome agents (6)
13 Visionary haunts lofty stronghold (5)
14 Right anterior length of an old organ (6)
16 Power shown by senate backing more than one legal venue (6)
17 Souls strengthen us after a time (6)
19 Company rule confused Hard Times translator (7)
20 Hotel in deserted principal town west of Surrey (8)
22 Shrubs and trees fading over open country (4)
24 Pay attention to male Arab with mighty range of knowledge (7)
25 Woolly mink left a scent (6)
27 Some decaying not accurately specified particles (6)
29 Retired teacake vendor tucked into skinned steak fillet (7)
31 Dull affair abandoned by Elizabeth (4)
36 Large plant meter wrongly installed in new water pump at Wick (8, 2 words)
37 Admirable chap is framed by half backward swimmer (7)
40 Scots below a town in Wales (6)
41 Trophy accepted by loose broadcaster (6)
42 Stale provisions expert's eating in (6)
43 Bears near the empty square (5)
44 Deck accommodating united force (6)
45 Stage catchword Romeo's forgotten (5)


1 A language acting naval officer initially heard in US city (6)
3 Water drowning son of a bear (6)
4 Extinct creature as before eats at home (4)
5 Cheese cooked following recipe emits an offensive smell (7)
6 Anonymous special order involving Liberal and Tory (4)
7 Henry and one junior associate finally finish going out (6)
9 Playwright's unopened tomb (5)
10 Tools for compressing resin lacking density restricted by Royal Society (7)
11 Logged call for Latin American in islands north of Malta (5)
12 Tiny marine organisms start to settle under rough stones (7)
15 Posh non-smoker (sort of decent) not wearing perfume (9)
18 Doughty African rhino leaning awkwardly after about 536 metres (9)
21 New data removed from wizard software on trial (4)
23 Use a hammer to fix leak over new patio (4)
25 Frozen silver fish on board large Dutch trailer (7)
26 Brave as female captured by ordinary unit (7)
28 Excursion using plane circling university somewhere in Devon (7)
30 End of peace interrupts these clumsy laughs (6)
32 Old awards remain special, including Tourist Trophy (6)
33 Money box is in the front room holding special charm (6)
34 Dab boat master found in catch (5)
35 Settled like some Baltic dust (5)
38 Spiteful sort used to be soft (4)
39 Wild beast turned over amateur Australian hunter (4)