Secrets of the Spice Islands

Secrets of the Spice Islands

  • Java, Mt Bromo

A journey through Indonesia

Departing: Tuesday 3 September 2019
Returning: Friday 20 September 2019
Duration: 18 days

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Indonesia is a land of extraordinary beauty and astounding cultural diversity. Its many islands sprawl over one eighth of the globe and encompass mind- stupefying extremes from the highest peaks linked by chains of dramatic volcanoes to vast savannahs and tropical rain forests inhabited by over 300 ethnic groups; Indonesia is the most complex single nation on earth. 

Explore three of the country's major islands; Java, Sulawesi and Bali. Begin in Java, at Indonesia's 'cultural' capital, Jogjakarta whose nearby temples and monuments such as Borobudur are rivaled only by Angkor and Bagan. All Southeast Asian art forms have found perfection in central Java and many originated here. Continue on to the charming town of Solo, Indonesia’s royal capital and en route visit the magnificent 9th century Hindu temple complex at Prambanan. From Solo, visit Candi Sukuh spectacularly situated on the slopes of the majestic Mt. Lawu and spend a night at the attractive hill station of Sarangan. Visit one of Java’ most delightful towns, Malang, set in the mountainous region near Java’s highest peaks. From here there will be numerous excursions into the foothills of one the island’s largest volcanoes

On the tropical island of Sulawesi, travel through idyllic villages tucked away amid the rugged peaks and fertile plateaux where the Toraja people are perhaps best known for their colourful feasts in honour of the dead. Toraja houses are arranged in a loop and are occupied by several extended families. Houses are exquisitely carved with geometric motifs and ceremonies remain an important part of life. 

The journey finishes on the magical island of Bali where the heartland of Balinese culture has always been, and still is, in the hills. Experience one of the most complex social and religious structures in the world. 


  • Discover Jogjakarta on the island of Java, one of Asia's great 'cultural' capitals
  • Visit the Hanging Graves at Lemo where the burial chambers are carved out of sheer rock face
  • Enjoy a walk at sunrise to one of Indonesia's most spectacular volcanoes, Mt Bromo



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