China Uncovered

China Uncovered

  • Dazu
  • Dujiangyan near Chengdu
    Dujiangyan near Chengdu
  • Guilin
  • Leshan

11 September - 28 September 2021 (17 days)

Dr Jamie Greenbaum
Visiting Fellow, School of Culture, History and Language, Australian National University
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History and Culture
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Sacred Mountains and Ancient Waterways

This is a marvellous journey along the slopes and peaks of China’s sacred mountains and along the great waterways that formed the very backbone of one of the oldest empires on earth and gave the Chinese their ‘land of rice and fish’ (‘milk and honey’).

This is China in the raw, away from tourist hotspots and the development juggernaut taking place in the cities. See ancient hydrology projects and explore sites writ large in the Chinese imagination. Wander through working temples where fervent believers showcase some of the lesser known Chinese traditions and faiths which down the ages entranced the northern emperors.

The journey begins in Sichuan Province, western China, traces the course of the Yangtse River to the plains, before turning south along the waters leading upstream toward the Nanling Mountains; across which lies the Pearl River Delta, with its fecund soil, limpid rivers and karst mountains.


  • Visit the largest stone-carved Buddha in the world at Leshan
  • Walk Emei Shan and Heng Shan - two of China's four sacred mountains
  • Cruise on the mighty Yangtse River through the magnificent three gorges

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