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Women triumph in the Boat Race

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Women's boat race winners

A dominant Blue Boat set a new Tideway record for the women's Race, winning by 11 lengths in 18 minutes and 33 seconds. Coxed by Matthew Holland, the Light Blues surged into the lead from the Surrey station after the Oxford four seat 'caught a crab' at the start. 

CUWBC president and bow seat Ashton Brown, who last year was hospitalised with pneumonia after the dramatic almost-sinking, declared: "it feels great, all the hard work of so many people has paid off." There were mixed fortunes for our other three boats with a win for Blondie and valiant defeats for both CUBC crews.

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Esuna Dugarova (Churchill 2005)

Buryatia is my home and my heart

Esuna Dugarova (Churchill 2005) tells us about her Buddhist upbringing, working at the United Nations Development Programme and publishing a book of her experiences.


"Since childhood I have been driven to learn more and see the world. It is this thirst for knowledge that ultimately motivated me to apply to Cambridge."

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Close-up of a leaf showing its veins Credit: Christoph Rupprecht

Leaf vein structure could extend battery life

The natural structure found within leaves could improve the performance of everything from rechargeable batteries to high-performance gas sensors, according to Dr Tawfique Hasan of the Graphene Centre and his co-authors. Researchers have designed a porous material that utilises a vascular structure, such as that found in the veins of a leaf, that could make energy transfers more efficient. 

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