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Remembering your A-Level results day

Hollie Wells, Lucy Cavendish 2016

A-Level results are nearly upon us. This Thursday young people across the UK will be waiting to find out what their future holds. With results day imminent, two of our current students remember their experiences of opening that all-important letter.

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An alumni pen by Onoto

Alumni pens are back

Hand-made in England by Onoto, each pen can be personalised with engravings and College crests, making both the perfect gift and the ideal memento of your University years.

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Punting on the River Cam

Scudamore’s punting CAMCard discount

Longing for a lazy summer's day punting on the Cam? Show your CAMCard when booking a standard self-hire punt for the College Backs and Grantchester routes in person and receive 20% off. Additional discounts are available when booking self-hire punts online. 

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Harvesting grain

Cambridge-led collaborations aim to tackle global food security and public health challenges

Is a second green revolution possible? £15 million in funding will allow two Cambridge led collaborations, baptised TIGR2ESS and CAPABLE, to work towards a better future for crop science and food security.

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Migrants on a boat

Trading on human tides – the 'free market' of people smuggling

Research conducted by the Institute of Criminology on the human smuggling industry has found a 'free-for-all' of independent smugglers. Rather than being operated by gangs, the enterprise is conducted by individuals lured by large profits and small set-up costs.

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Train with millet wagon

Archaeology shows there's more to millet than birdseed

The ancient grain millet was once a central part of multi-season, multi-crop agriculture. Professor Martin Jones, of the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, asks whether we ought to return to this system as climate change makes growing wheat, rice and maize more difficult. 

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A picture-book adaptation of Ise Monogatari

Earliest-known children’s adaptation of Japanese literary classic discovered in British Library

The Tales of Ise is a 9th-century classic text of primary cultural importance to Japan. The discovery of a children's adaptation by Dr Laura Moretti, from the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, helps us understand the history of the book and how the Japanese graphic novel emerged.

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