Watersprite, New Year's Honours and 24 things we learned last year
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Lights, camera, action...
Watersprite 2017 committee, including Benedict and Isobel, at the festival reception
In a world where famous festivals show films shot on smartphones and anyone can have a YouTube channel, how is the budding student filmmaker to get their work noticed? And the discerning audience member to find new films of note?

Watersprite is Cambridge's international student film festival showcasing new filmmaking talent from around the world. One of its key aims is to make the event as accessible as possible, so it's completely free to attend and submit entries. 

Find out from undergraduates Benedict and Isobel why students and alumni volunteer to organise such an ambitious festival ahead of this year's event from 23 to 25 February.
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Still from the video
Here's to an unstoppable Cambridge in 2018
Last year was an exciting time for Cambridge, with a new Vice-Chancellor, Stephen Hawking's thesis breaking the internet (or at least our online repository) and students' sporting successes amongst many other achievements.

Remember the good times with this video and look out for more to come this year!
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Some finds from finds from Clapham’s Coffee House - credit Cambridge Archaeological Unit
Calf’s foot jelly and a tankard of ale? Welcome to the 18th century Starbucks
Researchers from the Cambridge Archaeological Unit have published details of the largest collection of artefacts from an early English coffeehouse ever discovered. The establishment, called Clapham’s, was on a site now owned by St John’s College. In the mid-to-late 1700s it was a bustling coffeehouse – the contemporary equivalent, academics say, of a branch of Starbucks.
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Victorian dining room picture 'Christmas Comes But Once A Year' - credit Charles Green
Seven-fold increase in wine glass size over 300 years
Those who may have over-indulged during the festive period can take comfort in recent research from the Behaviour and Health Research Unit in the School of Clinical Medicine. The study found that the capacity of wine glasses has increased seven-fold over the past 300 years and most steeply in the last two decades as wine consumption rose.
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Decorative detail on the Billingford Hutch - credit Parker Library, Corpus Christi College
The Billingford Hutch and the moonwort fern – a medieval mystery solved
A heavy oak chest in the Parker Library of Corpus Christi College was used to store objects left as collateral for loans of money. Its ironwork features the outline of a plant – but no-one knew why. Now a visitor to the Library may have unravelled the meaning of this decorative motif.
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